BroadCast podcast with NeedAMom

August 11, 2016

Please join me by listening to my interview on the podcast BroadCast. Interview by Jenny Powers of

Daily Vice – Cool Mom

May 7, 2016

Need A Mom did a segment for VICE DAILY with Dylan Chenfeld. See it here: http:// Need A Mom’s sons told her, “It’s official now, Mom. You are ‘way cooler than we are.” My answer to that is “It took me 64 years to become cool. You still have time.”…

Get A Free Session from Need A Mom

April 11, 2016

Need A Mom wants to give you a FREE session if you’re willing to be filmed for an upcoming story. Your privacy will be respected and protected. Just think – 60 minutes with Need A Mom – to talk, make a meal together, clean your closet, write a letter to…

A shout out to Need A Mom’s logo designer and videographer

March 14, 2016

Need A Mom presents The Kidnapping! by Zebadiah Keneally a/k/a Hamburger Vampire Zebadiah Keneally’s solo exhibition just closed at The Outlet Gallery in Bushwick. This video was just one of the highlights. See more of the exhibit at Outlet Gallery, Brooklyn See more of his work at

Need A Mom book – Tough Love for Parents

March 10, 2016

There’s some interest in a Need A Mom book offering advice to Parents of Adult Children. My basic premise is that if you as a parent ask the question “Should I butt in or should I butt out?” the answer is  “Butt out.” But your kids are thinking. I need…

Need A Mom to the Rescue

March 5, 2016

What fun doing this interview with Jane Mulkerrins for YOU Magazine and the Daily Mail! YOU Magazine with Need A Mom

Listen to Your “Mom”. Literally.

March 1, 2016

NeedAMom on the radio. Give a listen. Listen to Your “Mom”. Literally