It’s All Greek to Me

June 9, 2017

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  1. Rylan Mascarenhas says:

    You can’t claim the role of a mother in anyone’s life, that title is is earned when you have spent countless sleepless nights feeding burping and changing them. It is earned when you have spent hours at their bedside nursing their fever away. It is earned when you have worried yourself sick when they come home five minutes later than usual. It is not something you charge money for and do all the easy things mothers do. You may be a mother to your own children, but charging money for others to call you theirs is an insult of the highest degree to the title Mom.

    • says:

      If you had actually read interviews with my and my clients, you could have written an informed comment instead of just your opinion. My clients would assure you that I play a maternal/mentor role in their lives but never try to usurp their actual mothers. Many of them have had bad or neglectful mothers and are deeply appreciative of a positive maternal model who offers support without judgement, help without disparagement and only gives advice when requested. Obviously you are fortunate enough to have a good mother and family. Why does it make you feel good to insult me or others who don’t?

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