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Unloving Mothers

One of the most common client issues I see as NeedAMom is that of daughters with unloving, uncaring, narcissistic or toxic mothers. This came as a surprise to me. I think we all believe that “everyone else” has a great, supportive, understanding, loving mom. For the...

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Need a Mom NYC – Una Mamá en Renta

http://Need a Mom NYC – Una Mamá en Renta   Te presento a Nina Keneally. Madre de dos, ex asistente de dirección artística y emprendedora. Una mujer con un look desenfadado, agradable a simple vista, amistosa y con gran facilidad de palabra. Ella, es la creadora de...

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Are you a log in your adult child’s road?

Susan Bonifant writes in The Washington Post's ON PARENTING about the following revelation regarding her involvement in her 21 year old daughter's life: "Now my “helpful” actions were not a comfort but a log to move out of the road." I've always joked that if I were...

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