NeedAMom has worked with clients throughout the USA and even with some from abroad.

I’m pleased to share a testimonial from a recent client.

NeedAMom is just what I needed! Nina is kind, compassionate, and an amazing listener. She dispensed all the wisdom of a mom with a the ability to relate that would rival a best friend. She gives real advice that is tailored to you and left me feeling confident, calm, and hopeful for the future. I highly recommended her to any abuse survivors – she understands that not all moms are perfect and never judged me for not having a relationship with my mom. If you need advice, a friendly ear, or someone to discuss life problems with, I’d recommend NeedAMom. – Becca F.

I’ve available via phone, Skype, email, text and even will write and mail you actual letters!

I promise I’ll never leave you…