Gen Y grew up with Saved By the Bell. Millennials did not.

There’s a lot of confusion about Gen Y and Millennials. All too often Gen Y gets erroneously included in the category of Millennials. And it really pisses them off.

It should. There are significant differences.

It’s why I mostly call them “young adults” which is definitely clunky and not catchy. In the UK they are being called “kidults” although that’s not quite right either.

According to the blog The Rebelution (therebelution.com/blog) this “adultescence” is when

These “kidults” still live with their parents and hop around from job-to-job and relationship-to-relationship. They lack direction, commitment, financial independence, and personal responsibility. They are boomerang kids, adult teenagers, and they are much more than a generational hiccup or a temporary fad.

But back to Gen Y and Millennials. It’s confusing so here’s the best explanation I’ve read by Patrick Hipp at themedium.com.

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PS There’s also Gen X and Gen Z – but let’s examine those some other time.