There Are Times We All Need A Mother

For $40 an hour, you can have your own mother figure help you make tough decisions

When Problems Arise And You Wish Your Mom Was Nearby

I’ll listen to your problems, if asked I’ll give advice, I’ll cook chicken soup if you’re sick, I’ll review your resume

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Who Is NeedaMom?

Nina Keneally has been a mom for over 30 years.

She spent those 30+ years in Connecticut and is now in Bushwick where she belongs even though she has several decades on the general demographic as well as a far less interesting wardrobe.

She has also been, at various points, a Tony-winning theater producer, an assistant stage manager, an assistant to directors, producers, press agents and (very briefly) to Betty Buckley. She has worked for the state government of Pennsylvania, the trade publication Pension & Welfare News and (very briefly) as a restaurant hostess.

Nina attended Syracuse University, the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (London) and Gateway Community College to train as a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Counselor. She worked for 7 years at the Legion Clinic, APT Foundation, a methadone clinic in New Haven Connecticut. She has also served on the Boards of numerous theater and academic organizations.

While doing all of this, she made dinner most nights, went to Little League games, soccer practice, karate lessons, served on the PTA, helped with homework, planned birthday parties, went to concerts and art shows, made Halloween costumes, dispensed medication and advice, went to court, visited rehab and picked up her sons at the Police Station.

Nina is a loyal friend, good listener and dispenses advice judiciously. She is a terrific cook, loves music, literature and art and the occasional martini. She believes in laughter and pagan prayers and agrees both with Samuel Beckett who said something like “Life is hell and the best thing we can do about it is be kind to each other.” Here motto is “Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.”

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