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Meet Nina Keneally, the Trashy Reality TV, Book Proposal & Cockpit Parenting: Catching Up with Bushwick's Viral Mom for Hire

Remember the Bushwick mom who went viral with her idea of providing “mom services” to young people? She was offered to franchise, have a reality show, and even made her life into a TV sitcom.

Need a Mom NYC - Una Mamá en Renta - The Monopolitan

Need a Mom NYC es un servicio orientado para aquellas personas que necesitan una madre … que no sea su madre.

I rented a mom for the holidays - Time Out

That’s why, with Christmas approaching, Nina Kenneally’s Need a Mom service ( caught my eye. I’m very close to my mom …

NYC's rent-a-mom service is the most San Francisco thing we don't have - SFGate

NYC’s Need a Mom service will bake for you, do your laundry, take you to the dentist — do anything your mom might do — without any of the judgment.

Nina Keneally will be your mom - Business Insider

There’s a woman you can hire in New York City to be your mom for $40 an hour

Rent-A-Mom: NYC Start-Up Offers Advice, Home-Cooked - HNGN

You always need your mother, no matter what age you are. If you’re living on your own away from home, how many times have you wished your mom…

Need a Mom - am New York

She won’t question your lifestyle but will review your resume. She won’t be judgmental about your hair or your friends, but she will make you some pie.

A ‘Rent-A-Mom’ Service For Times When You Just Need Your Mommy - The Huffington Post

Young or old, there are times all of us need a mother. Like when you get sick for the first time living on your own. Or when…

Rent-a-mum that you can turn to for motherly ... - Daily Mail

Rent-a-mum to the rescue! Meet the woman you can turn to for motherly advice when your own is not to hand

NYC hipsters can now rent a mom | New York Post

Meet Nina Keneally, 63, a Bushwick-based mom of two grown sons who has now begun selling her surplus mothering skills for $40 an hour, plus expenses — but nothing kinky, please — to muddled millennials. Keneally’s new business, NeedAMom, caters to 20- to 35-year-olds who …

Need a mom? You can hire one for advice, home-cooked - Today

Keneally officially launched Need A Mom last week, two years after moving back to New York City with her husband from Connecticut and …

Need a Mom - A Service for Millennials in Need of Motherly - Oddity Central

Once they reach a certain age, lots of women find motherhood exhausting, but not Brooklyn-based Nina Keneally. The 63-year-old still has lots of ‘mothering skills’ that she’s actually more than happy…

NYC hipsters pay 'Need a Mom' $40 per hour to fill void - WND

New York City hipsters now have “Need a Mom” payments on top of their organic food and skinny jeans bills. Nina Keneally…

Need a Mom? NYC Millennials Can Now Rent One. - The Luxury Spot

Let’s face it, living in New York is a bitch, especially for whiny millennials. If you haven’t done it yet, you will eventually do the following: cry in public, get lost on the train and end up at the edge of some random borough, have your heart broken by…

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