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I’m a dog person.

I got my first dog as an adult within the first few weeks of moving to NYC. I went to the ASPCA on the Upper East side and brought Grover home on the subway in a cardboard box.

After Grover came Santa Fe, Licorice, Wilson and now Keaton (above).

If you need love and companionship, get a dog. You’ll have to be responsible. You’ll have to go outside several times a day. You’ll have to by dog food and take your dog to the vet. You’ll have to get up in the morning. You’ll take a walk to the park in every kind of weather. And, as Jane Brody writes below, you’ll meet people especially if you live in a city.

Life With a Dog: You Meet People

Most importantly, you’ll have someone who’s more important than you are and loves you unconditionally as long as you treat him/her right.

It will make you a better person, prepare you for the future and change your life.

Keaton is awfully cute. But so is every other dog I’ve ever met. Go to a shelter or rescue.

What are you waiting for?

Listen to some Wilco while thinking about it.