a nuclear topic

a topic about guilt and entitlement

knowing when to draw the line and where the line is

knowing what to ask for and when

This will be the first of many posts and discussions about this.

It includes kids moving back home, unemployment, under-employment, helping with bills, a house down payment, student loan bills…and those are the important ones. Let me know your questions and concerns and how you deal with it.

Parents: Do you loan money? Give it unconditionally? Set conditions? Look at your own financial stability before writing that check?  Go over your adult child’s bills and budget with them if they ask for more?

Young adults: When do you ask? What do you expect? Have you and your parents discussed this before it became a major issue?

Here’s a perspective from a young adult. The comments from peers and parents are worth your consideration and may provide a starting point to talk with each other…and respond to me.

Your thoughts and experiences are valuable and helpful to others. I’d like to share them.