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NEED A MOM has been contracted to write a book proposal about “Tips to Parents of Adult Children.” The working title is ‘YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY. NOT.”

There are plenty of other books on the market but most of them are somber. Written by people with a lot of letters after their names or with religious affiliations. I want this one to be REAL and FUN. Even with its challenges that’s the reward of a good parent/child relationship at any age.

I want to include the voices of Gen Ys and millennials and also address topics and questions of interest to parents – things like Money, Education & Careers, Living at Home, Significant Others, Lifestyle Choices, Big Issues (substance abuse, health, bankruptcy, divorce, single parenting), Grandchildren or Not, Marriage & In-Laws, Geographical Distance, Religion, This Modern World (ie technology), Helicopter and Cockpit Parenting, Aging Issues, etc etc.

     PARENTS: If you have any thoughts, questions or anecdotes you’d be willing to share with me, I’d be in your debt. All will be confidential and not used without your consent.
What you have done. What you haven’t. What you did and wish you hadn’t. What you didn’t do and wish you had. Your hard earned experience and wisdom. Please reply to needamomnyc@gmail.com

ADULT CHILDREN: You are the real experts. To that end I have come up with a survey. I’m attaching the full survey as well as a link to a shorter one on line. If you would fill it out, share it with your friends and return it to me, that would be fantastic. Again. All confidential. This survey can be sent to me at needamomnyc@gmail.com. NeedAMom Survey Or here’s a link to a shorter survey online: NeedAMom SurveyMonkey